Carrocerías Ega, S.L. guarantees the quality and performance of its manufactured products (panels, kits, assembled bodies and chassis-mounted cargo areas) under the terms and conditions set out below:
1.a) Carrocerías Ega, S.L. guarantees, for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, that its products are free from any structural defects with respect to their materials or manufacture, and which prevent them operating normally in correct conditions of use, installation and maintenance. 
1.b) The warranty will cover cosmetic or minor defects for 15 calendar days.
2.a) Enforcement of the warranty must be requested in writing as soon as the defect is confirmed in order to certify its receipt at Carrocerías Ega, provided that the defect occurs within the warranty period.
2.b) In notifying the defect it will be necessary to provide the order or manufacturer’s reference for which the above warranty is requested, as well as any necessary information in order to assess coverage, such as measurements, photos, videos, etc. and, finally, anything that may be needed by Carrocerías Ega, S.L. for analysis, including the actual defective products. 
2.c) Failure to comply with the provisions of this section will imply the non-applicability of the warranty, and in the event that there is no evidence of product non-conformance or inadequacy, Carrocerías Ega, S.L. reserves the right to refuse to accept the warranty.
3.a) The warranty granted by CARROCERÍAS EGA, S.L. covers the materials and labour necessary to repair or replace, depending on the nature or extent of the defect that arises, parts or items considered to be defective at source in the opinion of Carrocerías Ega, S.L. The transport and/or displacement costs that may be incurred are covered up to the address included in the “Manufacture Validation”.
3.b) All work carried out that is covered by the product warranty must be performed at Carrocerías Ega, S.L. or any workshops that Carrocerías Ega, S.L. decides on after explicit, written approval of the warranty and its amount. No claims will be dealt with for products used without these provisions being fulfilled. 
3.c) Claims do not give the customer the right to defer or suspend payment of the corresponding invoice or any other outstanding debt.
3.d) The maximum amount or value of the claim covered by the warranty will be the amount corresponding to the product, panel or article related to the claim. 
3.e) The buyer is only bound by the terms in which the product is guaranteed and which are stated in this document.
3.f) The maximum hourly cost admitted by Carrocerías Ega will be 37 €/hour.
3.g) The maximum period to claim repair costs will be one month from the date the warranty is approved. Once this period has elapsed, it will be understood that the claim has been waived. 
3.h) The document on which the guarantee right can be exercised will be the "Manufacture Validation" which must be signed by the client.
The following cases shall be exempt from the warranty rights set forth in this document:
4.a) Any action, physical alteration and use of the order carried out by the customer without the approval of Carrocerías Ega.
4.b) Items added to the product which are not manufactured or assembled by Carrocerías Ega.
4.c) Negligence, incompetence by the driver, defective use, intentional damage or any caused by bad faith, overloading, subjecting the vehicle to undue effort or normal wear and tear due to not respecting or reducing the safety conditions, testing or use of experimental techniques. Faults in the product due to adaptations made by the user, or through changing original parts for others that have not been approved by Carrocerías Ega, when the defect or fault is related to these parts. 
4.d) Any towing costs, and compensation for stoppages and the content of the load. 
4.e) Damage caused by alterations or design specifications requested by the customer beyond the standard specifications for Carrocerías Ega models.
4.f) Assemblies on chassis not carried out at Carrocerías Ega.
4.g) Inspection or preventive analysis expenses incurred by the customer.
4.h) Detection, inspection, collection, replacement, reimbursement or advertising costs derived from the products or work which are totally or partially defective and which are covered by the warranty.
4.i) Failures in product maintenance or failure to follow instructions, if any.
4.j) Materials which, due to their use or operation, are subject to wear and tear or degradation.
4.k) Installations or repairs carried out by the installer or by a third party.
4.l) Problems arising from a shortage of information, being requested and not provided by the customer
4.m) Surface irregularities caused by the manufacturing process of the sandwich panels, such as undulations, joints of internal parts of the panel or bumps whose consequence is only aesthetic and do not affect to the normal use.
4.n) Breakage or detachment caused by the application of pressurized liquids or compressed air. (Use caution and distance when cleaning surfaces with any of the methods described).
For the resolution of any matter or dispute that may arise between the parties regarding the interpretation or performance of this contract, the Courts and Tribunals of Logroño (La Rioja), Spain, shall be competent and subject to Spanish law.
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