We are a company with a vast experience in the production of refrigerated and isothermal trucks. We have been present in this sector since 1967.

With effort and a forward-looking approach, EgaLeciTrailer has evolved throughout the years and it has eventually become a leading firm, with groundbreaking technology, for the production of sandwich panels and bodyworks, both refrigerated and isothermal..



Goods transport sector.

Goods transport sector.

Sandwich panel production

Sandwich panel production

Special projects

Special projects

The team

We have a team of people that combine experience, qualifications and specialisation, focused on exceeding our customers' needs.

This team made possible the innovation and continuous improvement of our products, that managed to get recognition for being amongst those with the highest quality both on the domestic and international markets.


Our premises occupy an area of 25.000m2, from which 12.400m2 are taken by production processes divided into the following activities:

  • Panel manufacturing: 4.400m2.
  • Body kit manufacturing: 2.500m2.
  • Assembly lines: 3.000m2.
  • After sales - Workshop: 2.500m2.

Brief history


Company created and dedicated to building wooden carts.


First bodyworks for trucks and handcrafted work, including the cabin.


Beginning of isothermal trucks production, being one of the first Spanish companies to join this market.


New plant in San Adrian (Navarra) integrating modern means of production.


Introduction of new manufacturing systems that place our bodyworks at the forefront of the refrigerated bodies market.


Expansion of premises and integration of new technology in the machines used to produce sandwich panels.


Carrocerías Ega joins LeciTrailer.


International markets development


Target of doubling exports achieved


Carrocerías Ega celebrates its 40th anniversary


Extension of the range to light-weight and couriel model


We received the Quality Certificate according to the Standard ISO 9001:2015, applied to the "Production of sandwich panel, design and assembly of refrigerated, isothermal and parcel tracks, as well as trailer units". 

Carrocerías Ega is a manufacturer approved by Cemafroid, the competent authority of ATP in France. 

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ISO 9001