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Exports drive sales at EgaLecitrailer

Exports drive sales at EgaLecitrailer

The subsidiary of the Lecitrailer Group with headquarters in San Adrián (Navarra), has more than 25,000m2 dedicated to the manufacture of sandwich panels and construction of bodies for isothermal, refrigerated and dry transport vehicles.

The progressive return to normality of foreign markets after the mandatory "stop" caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has allowed Egalecitrailer to recover the level of export sales and to look to the future with optimism. As expected according to the official figures regarding the evolution of the virus, Oceania has been the first of the geographical areas to formalize orders on a regular basis. It is followed by apparently less affected regions, such as Reunion Island, Guadeloupe or Palestine; Also in Europe, the economy seems to be recovering: the first markets to resume regular activity have been Germany, France and Italy.

As in other sectors, consumer behavior varies depending on the different countries - objective: although in most of them the most demanded product is the assembled box, in those distant ones whose margin is directly related to the cost of transport, the most commercialized format is usually the kit. Egalecitrailer has a young and highly specialized technical team that provides training and continuous attention to its clients, so that they can build their vans according to the quality standards set by the group. As for the type of boxes marketed, the most demanded are the light-range refrigerated boxes, with PMA up to 7,000kg (Ega City model), followed by mid-range ones (PMA up to 15,000kg - Ega Road model). The demand for the Hanging Meat and Ega Express models, the dry box model, is also growing.

Egalecitrailer has been part of the Lecitrailer Group since 2013. Approximately 100 people work at its Navarra facilities. Last year, it billed almost five million Euros in twenty-five different countries.